Shell Key Boat Tours

Shell Key

As the name states Shell Key is amazing for finding shells! Because of its close location in Bunces Pass, leading to the open waters of the Gulf, the shells are replenished by the moving tides daily.

Shells that you are likely to find on your adventure to Shell Key are sand dollars,  Fighting Conch, Whelks, Cockles, Murex, Shark Eye, Alphabet Cone, Banded Tulpip, Horse Conch, Scotch Bonnet, the much coveted Junonia and many, many more! You can keep the beach treasures that you find as long as they are not alive or have living creatures in them.

Shell Key is also amazing for bird watching, dolphin watching and wildlife sightings of all kinds. Keep your eye out for Dolphins and Manatees, they love the clear warm waters around Shell Key for feeding and breeding.

Shell Key is a bird sanctuary your’e sure to see many varieties of birds that nest on Shell Key during different times of the year including: Roseate Spoonbills, Terns, Brown Pelicans, White Pelicans, Egrets & Herons just to name a few.. Shell Key is a nature lover’s true paradise with so many things to see and experience.

The only way to get to Shell Key is by boat. We are happy to be providing tours to this pristine barrier island and our captains are excited to guide you on your Adventure.

Our Shell Key Adventure runs 2 hours for our shared tour.

Private tours are available in 2 hour or 4 hour durations.