Shelling Adventure

Find Treasures That Will Remind You Of A Perfect Day!

What Is Shelling?

Shelling is finding and collecting beautiful treasures from the beach! Warning, shelling can be addicting! Its not unusual for people to spend hours combing the beaches for fantastic finds. The best part about shelling is seeing your treasures at home in beautiful vases and glass bowls reminding you of sun & fun filled days along the Florida Gulf Coast.

If you love shelling, then you have found the right trip for you!

Can I Take My Shells Home?

Yes, you can take your treasures home as long as no one is living in them. Many creatures, such as hermit crabs and baby octopus, claim empty shells as temporary homes. Please, examine your shells carefully and return return all living creatures back to the ocean promptly . It is illegal to take any live shells from the beach.

Florida’s Best Kept Secret

Shelling at Egmont Key & Shell Key is Florida’s best kept secret! Our tropical island destination is covered in white sand, beautiful shells, and sand dollars. Here you will have the opportunity to hop off the boat and fill your bag with fantastic treasures! Everyday thousands of new shells are washed ashore on Egmont Key & Shell Key. Most shells are intact and they come in all sizes. You can find shells along the shoreline or just off the beach in surf of the waves.

Shells native to the St. Petersburg area include Fighting Conch, Whelks, Murex, Shark Eye, Alphabet Cone, Banded Tulpip, Horse Conch, Scotch Bonnet,the much coveted Junonia and many  many more!