Ocean Ash Scattering Services - Burial at Sea

Ash Scattering

The beauty of the ocean provides an eternal place where you can always visit and remember your loved one.

Ash Scattering Services

Choosing a place that holds special memories is a thoughtful way to celebrate the life of your friend or family member in a loving way. For so many, the ocean is that special place.

Wonderful memories are made by the ocean and this is why many wish to be return here. Those who have spent time on the ocean, witnessed the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, explored the shoreline, and felt the coolness of the ocean breeze feel that to be scattered in the warm tropical waters is the perfect resting place to be remembered in Love. 

Ash Scattering

Burial at Sea Services

We provide fresh rose petals to scatter along with the ashes. The rose petals float in the current as the ashes disperse. Nature provides the elegance an ocean view, sunrise or sunset and the occasion dolphin swimming along side. An eco friendly burial at sea allows the body to return to the earth naturally. When the sun catches the ashes just right, they will sparkle as your loved one becomes one with the ocean.

We tailor to the wishes and needs of your family. We take special care to insure that all details are handled to the highest possible level, providing your family with the best experience possible.